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Store Policy

Ordering Online

Minka Farm is an actual working farm. We like selling directly to our customer family so our online store is meant to be a convenience to our local customers rather than a way to sell and ship product.  Generally speaking, sales from our farm will need to be picked up directly from our farm.  If you have circumstances that would make local delivery necessary, please contact us and we can see what arrangements can be made to assist you.

Placing an order online is pretty straightforward, but keep in mind that for products sold by weight, the totals are only estimates based on average package size.  Please select Direct Pay as your means of payment during checkout if you are purchasing meat products or weighed fruit. If you are only purchasing set priced items like deposits on a whole hog or side of beef, picking baskets, garden produce by the bunch, or eggs, feel free to pay for your items at checkout.

You will receive an automated email confirming your order.  We will pull your order together and, if you ordered weighed products or you didn't pay at the time of ordering, we'll send you an invoice with the actual total of product and applicable taxes.  You can pay that invoice in a variety of methods: cash or check when you pick up, credit card online, PayPal or Venmo.  When you pay, please add a note that lets us know when you'd like to pick up and we'll have your order ready for pickup in a cooler by the farm store.

Customer Care

Minka Farm sells most of its meats, eggs and produce directly to the community near us.  We keep our products local to decrease our carbon footprint and because we want to focus on providing our neighbors with high-welfare meats and sustainably-produced fruits and vegetables.  If you aren't pleased with your purchases, neither are we.

Privacy & Safety

We have no interest in increasing our profits by selling your information to any third party.  Any personal information we obtain from you is used to process your payments and keep you in the loop with goings-on at Minka Farm.

Safety while you are on our farm is important to us as well.  We do what we can to make your visit enjoyable and safe.  However, this is a working farm and there are safety hazards.  Please keep your children near and monitor them.  We have live electric fences, animals that can be unpredictable, uneven ground and germs galore.  Please note the Warning Sign at the entrance to the farm - it sets forth the limits of liability for agrotourism in the state of North Carolina. If you ever have a specific safety concern, please bring it to our attention.  If we can fix it, we will using our best efforts.


Our products are handled and stored by the rules and regulations set forth by the state of North Carolina in compliance with our Meat Handlers' license and general food safety guidelines. 

Wholesale Inquiries

We primarily sell our products directly to the public.  We will consider offering wholesale pricing to local restaurants and outlets as long as providing product to those restaurants and outlets does not negatively impact our ability to provide product to our local community.

Additionally, we offer discounted pricing on sales of sides of beef and whole hogs.

Payment Methods 

- Offline Payments (Cash or Check)

- Credit / Debit Cards


- Bank transfer for orders over $200

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