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Minka Farm Products

We do NOT ship orders, local pick up only.

If you are only buying items that are a fixed price (e.g. deposits on side of beef or whole hog, live goat or sheep, eggs, produce, pyo buckets), you can pay immediately at checkout. 

However, if your order includes any meat products that are sold by package weight, please select Manual Payment at checkout.  We will assemble your order, adjust the prices for actual weights, verify that sales tax is correctly applied and send you a final invoice. 

Either way, we'll let you know when your order is received and when it's ready for pickup.

If you're unsure, just select Manual Payment at checkout and we'll make it work!

Farm Store Closed, Saturday

The Minka Farm store will be closed on Saturday, December 23, 2023.  We will still be accepting and filling orders for pick up, including on Sunday, 12/24.  Self-service for eggs is also available.  Payment information is on the front of the egg fridge for cash or check, or you can order and pay online with PayPal, Venmo or credit card.

We hope you enjoy time with family and friends during this winter season! 

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