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Unrendered beef fat or tallow.  

Average pack size is 2 pounds.

Grassfed Beef Fat

1 Pound
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Grassfed beef is naturally low in fat and a deeper color than grainfed beef.  If it is cooked the same way as grainfed beef, it can yield a disappointing experience.  Searing the outside of the cut at a higher temperature then lowering the temperature will seal in the natural juices. Also, Grassfed Beef should be cooked to one less degree of doneness than you prefer for grainfed beef.  If you like a medium steak, cook a Grassfed steak to medium rare.  

    Cuts that you prefer cooked to well done should be marinated and/or cooked "low and slow" (low temperature for a longer time) after an outer sear to yield the best-tasting beef you've ever had.

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