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Currently, we are unable to take deposits on sides of beef due to having a low inventory of steer that are of harvestable size.  Please message us and you will be added to the waitlist.  When we have available beef, we will contact the next names on the waitlist until we have sold what is available.  You will have 24 hours to respond to our notice of beef availability before we move on to the next name.  You will stay in your position in the waitlist unless you tell us to please remove you from the waitlist (so if you aren't able to respond in that 24 hours, you won't just be removed from the list).  We appreciate your understanding.


Final pricing for sides of Animal Welfare Approved, certified 100% Grassfed Beef:

     Whole Steer (2 sides) Final price is $5.05/lb hanging weight

     Half Steer (1 side) Final price is $5.20/lb hanging weight

     Quarter Steer (1/2 side) Final price is $5.50/lb hanging weight


Final price is based on hanging weight. Average hanging weight is 275 lbs per side.  Balance is due at delivery.  Deposit applied to final balance.  For more details on buying beef by the side, including specific delivery dates, please see our Beef by the Side page via this link or look under the More tab.

Deposit on Side of 100% Grassfed Beef

PriceFrom $250.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Grassfed beef is naturally low in fat and a deeper color than grainfed beef.  If it is cooked the same way as grainfed beef, it can yield a disappointing experience.  Searing the outside of the cut at a higher temperature then lowering the temperature will seal in the natural juices. Also, Grassfed Beef should be cooked to one less degree of doneness than you prefer for grainfed beef.  If you like a medium steak, cook a Grassfed steak to medium rare.  

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