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Hogs are processed at Piedmont Custom Meats.

Processing, packaging, added-value sausage and bacon processing included. Final price is based on hanging weight.  When the piglet numbers have stabilized after weaning, we update the availability list. 


Listed price is deposit to reserve the hog and will be applied to the final invoice. Please visit Buying a Whole or Half Hog for more information.

Average whole hog hanging weight: 230 lbs

Price per pound of hanging weight: $5.40

Next availability: Approximately July

Deposit on a Pastured Hog

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Our hogs are raised outdoors their entire lives, rooting in the dirt with room to roam.  We are certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World and have on-site inspections annually. You can see the standards we exceed at AGreenerWorld

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